Things to Consider When Collecting Diecast Cars

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Many who wish to start collecting diecast cars are bewildered by the multitude of scales. Some believe scale isn’t important, while others collect a random assortment of differently-scaled vehicles. By learning the four main scales, a buyer can enjoy his or her collection from the beginning.

The Four Scales

The four most common scales are 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:64, and the numbers indicate how small the model is in comparison to the actual vehicle. In simpler terms, a car that’s 1:24 scale is 24 times smaller than its real counterpart. The precise length and dimensions for each scale can vary because of real-life differences between vehicles.

Significant Differences

One of the primary differences between the diecast scales is the presence of articulating features. Typically, the larger the model, the more usable features it has, such as opening doors, trunk or hood. This doesn’t always apply, but those looking for functional models should concentrate on the 1:18 and 1:24 scales. Larger cars have more articulating points, and some even have spring suspension for each tire. However, features vary among the manufacturers found on

Price Points

Pricing is another important consideration. Typically, the larger the model, the more costly it is. Younger or budget-conscious collectors may want to stick to smaller cars, but size and pricing aren’t always directly related. Detail levels are typically higher on more expensive, larger cars, and while exceptions occur, this is worthy of consideration by new collectors. With the greater detail is greater accuracy, and those who want an authentic look should go with larger models.

Space Constraints

Most beginning collectors don’t consider the space needed for a diecast car collection. These models can take up a significant amount of room, especially if the collection grows large. Those living in smaller homes should consider lower scales, and they should consider limiting the size of the collection to appease housemates.

While there are differences between scales, all provide collectors with an excellent opportunity to get into the hobby. When buyers have a better grasp of scale, they can choose cars that suit their tastes and their space and budgetary limitations.