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Learn More About Real Estates On hearing the term real estate some questions start crossing your mind. Many people try to comprehend the concept of real estate in their way. As per the books a real estate is land and buildings on it. Natural features such as minerals, crops and other physical structure on that piece of land entails in what makes a real estate. All the immovable objects of that nature and all real property like buildings, all make up a real estate. Real estates are built on basis of what purpose does the owner have for it because different owners have different reasons for establishing a real estate. Different people may see real estate as jurisdiction derived from the common law of a country which is legal. All these different points of view direct to the same single thing, real estate. Lets now branch directly into residential real estate. Single family or multiple families might be the one who resides in a real estate probably bounded the aspect of job. At various cases residents of a real estate may not have ties whether blood or job ties The the outlook of feature in a real estate might differ. This may be due to reasons like; the residents might be owned by one person who made them and then leased them out. Another reason for this differences in tenure might be due to a residence being owned in a partnership that is governed by a set of rules. Residential units on different bases they are classified into other categories as we will see here below Multi-unit structure makes our first category under residential real estate. There are categories like apartments. An an apartment is a single unit in a multi-unit building. The apartment have boundaries which are marked by a perimeter of locked or lockable doors. Another a sub-category is a multi-family house. In cases like these apartments are on different floors such that different floors is a different apartment. Under the category of multi-unit dwellings there is also the terraced houses. Single buildings sharing a common wall can be classified as a terraced building. We also have condominiums. Buildings and complexes in multi-unit that are owned by individuals are known s condominiums. Each or any condominium owner is entitled to the use of common grounds and areas around their condominiums. Condominiums in other region are given same worth as a block of flats. Cooperatives also fall into the above category. The the second category under residential real estates is the semi-attached dwellings. Examples include houseboats. A house floating on water is what is referred as the houseboat. Tents are also in this category, a tent a house made of a non-trustable fabric both on top and sides since it is temporary. Duplex a two unit structure with a single shared wall is also part of this category.

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